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Hello Free People

We decided to create a newsprint, disseminated in person and to-the-door, at no cost to the consumer. We endeavor to print predominantly from the revenue of ad sales. We only print ads from businesses that are supporting Liberty and the uplifting of humanity. These businesses can include, but are not limited to, podcasts and news agencies, medicinal manufacturers, authors, events, retail outlets, the multifarious organizations involved in blockchains and
cryptocurrencies, and precious metals exchanges.


We are highly motivated to advertise businesses that accept different forms of payment than fiat currencies, such as barter, gold and silver, and certain cryptocurrencies that are not managed by central governments and banks. The more advertisers, or the larger advertisements that are purchased, the further we can distribute our newspaper, and thus the advertisements.

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Click these PDF's for information about advertising with Liberty Uncensored 

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We would Love to discuss Advertising options with you.

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