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Keystone Community
           Cornerstone Abundance

KCCA is a project we are starting in Colorado to feed families in need, provide funding for alternative cancer treatments, and give to various other social programs. 

Community is the Keystone that holds society together, and Abundance is the Cornerstone that Society uses to experience its greatest joy. 

Neem Karoli Baba said "Love everyone, serve everyone, feed everyone." We endevour to help to do such.

We are Imagining Abundance and Manifesting It!

Grab a Sticker, Feed a Family

Pick up a Sticker at our Sponsor Stores or Here on our Website and your Purchase will go toward one of the projects below. Stay tuned on our social media to see us deliver organic bulk food supplies to families in need, fund people offering alternative cancer treatments, provide EMF protection for autistic children, and provide to a fund for a land trust to build an alternative community.

Submit a Request for KCCA

If you are a family in need of support in the way of Food, Alternative Cancer Treatments, or EMR Protection for an Autistic Child, please do not hesitate to contact us at to be put on our list for service. We will serve the first people on the list first, though we will make exceptions to the rule for extreme cases, 

Get Involved!

If you are interested in helping us through volunteering, making a donation, Sponsoring, or anything else, please contact us at

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