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Kenny Palurintano

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Kenny Palurintano is a life-long anarchist (kicked out of more than half a dozen schools as a kid), Kenny has been completely unbanked since 2010. He's also lived out of his backpack since 2015 traveling the world and spreading love & empowerment, a journey which he started by giving away his belongings, quitting his job, loading his backpack, and heading for the Rainbow Gathering with $200 in his pocket.


Kenny has been involved in hundreds of festivals, conferences, and retreats - organizing, cooking, leading workshops, and holding space. He has spoken at events such as The Greater Reset, Libertopia, Tribal Vision, Anarchapulco, and many others. Kenny is also a whole-food chef, having cooked for everything from 10,000 person festivals to private retreats & movie sets to a 7-course wedding dinner in the woods.


After returning to the digital world for a few weeks, following a full year of hiatus and having closed down his blog, vlog, and all other channels... Kenny is now even more convinced that everyone would be better off destroying all their electronics and just living IRL instead.

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