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Dont Tread On Me - Liberty or Death

The largest market in the world is Attention. Where people put their attention correlates directly to what direction humanity takes going into the future. The mainstream news was never truthful, unbiased, or independent as the regulation of information has been a priority of governments and monopolists and other oppressive entities throughout history.

As mainstream news loses more and more market share of attention... alternative, localised, indepenent, and unique news channels are taking its place. While mainstream newspapers are losing money and readers, independent newspaper readership is on the rise. More people are reading independent newspapers than mainstream newspapers.

Why not just utilize online news and social media? Well, Liberty Uncensored does occupy space on social media plateforms from Discord to TikTok, to many others, but we find the personal and visceral effect of a physical newspaper is something that cannot be replaced by the online news. It has been proven that the average news consumer views newspapers as more legitimate than online news. This is partially due to the fact that printing and distributing the news takes more effort and responisiblity than news production on the internet alone. We endevour to utliize newspaper production to satisfy the average Americans need for real, uncensored, straightforward, fact based, cited, and authentic news.

This newspaper is payed for (in order of scale) by advertisements, purchases, sponsorships, donations. The more advertisers, or the larger advertisements that are purchased, the further we can distribute our newspaper, and thus the advertisements.

We are particular in what advertisements we allow to run, focusing on businesses, organizations, projects, and individuals who are supporting Liberty and Anarchism, Human and Constitutional Rights, and the wellness and upliftment of humanity and our environment.

Today, you can purchase advertising anywhere between $12 and $7500 with Liberty Uncensored. Visit

You can Sponsor a columnist or the paper itself. All our authors voluntarily write for your pleasure and wellness.

You can also donate to Liberty Uncensored, or purchase the current and all past digital and dowloadable issues at

Blessings, and thank you for all your support as we spread Truth and Liberty far and wide!

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