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Bulk Organic Food

Food insecurity is only growing. The willful destruction of food distribution and processing facilities recently, combined with escalating desertification and the private purchasing of farmland has put We the People in a precarious situation looking forward. Liberty Uncensored is providing bulk organic food to families in need in our distribution region. Every sticker purchase and donation you make goes toward a purchase of bulk organic foods that will help secure the wellbeing of a family in need. 

We supply staple foods, such as beans and legumes, flour, honey, rice and more. These staples allow for high quality, large quantity supplies to be delivered at reasonable expense to families in need. We don't want to deliver toxic goods to those in need, but high quality, organic food that will enrich their lives. 

A quality of a community can be measured by the least of its people. How the community treats those in most need, in the most pain, in the most troubles, gives us a glimpse into the value of that people. 

We do NOT need a government program to take care of our own community members. We DO need our communities to care for themselves. In some countries in this world, it is normal to give 10% of all earnings to those in need. If we did this in our communities, we would certainly be rid of poverty in a day.

We are not asking for 10% of your earnings, but only the cost of a sticker, and maybe a donation of your choice to support the distribution of aid to those in need. 

A community supporting itself need no external "help" that creates debt. Let's help each other and lift each other up. 

Keep our money local, our services meaningful, and our focus on our community. 

Types of Food We Supply

Beans and Legumes







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