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Alternative Cancer Treatments

The mainstream treatments for Cancer are exceedingly dangerous, often more dangerous than the cancer itself. Thus, we should be considering alternatives that have proven track records. We are extending our hand to people producing methods of treating cancer through Juicing, cannabis derivatives, and other methods.

Cancer is increasing and has increased drastically over the years. Our environments and what we consume are the main cause. Let's endeavor to shine a light on what works, and what doesn't.

Cancer is a growing and looming threat to all of us. The NCI (National Cancer Institute) expects one in two people to develop cancer in their lifetime. How did we come to this point, where half of our population gets cancer... It is unprecedented. Our environments, consumption habits and lack of physical activity is the culprit. 

The pharmaceutical industry ONLY makes money if people remain sick. They do not want people to die outright, but they do not also want people to fully recover and be healthy. The profits go away if the customers (sick people) go away. Thus, the main goal of the pharmaceutical companies is to maintain disease in the population. This is why every pill and procedure comes along with innumerable side effects, why the psychiatric compendium of diseases of the mind continues to expand with new types of mental illness, and why it so exorbitantly expensive to get this "care" anyway. 

Chemotherapy, amongst the other treatments provided by the hospitals and pharmaceutical industry, is a poison. It is a full-scale attack on the body that should be considered only as the last-ditch effort before death. Rather, it is being treated as the go-to solution for cancer treatment. The idea is ludicrous, that we should flood a body with a poison and radiation to conquer an illness that is already attacking the body. 

We endeavor to give funding to those people and companies offering natural and holistic remedies for cancer. Juicing, RSO, and other methods exist. We are in full support of these.


Excerpt from Unveiling a Better World: Deconstructing the Veracity of the American Fable:

"...there are around 320,000,000 people. National Cancer Institute statistical reports of 2015 say that the probability of dying from cancer in USA is 20.7% and probability of developing cancer is 39.7%. Around 2/3 of people who have cancer survive 5 years. There are no NCI stats for those who survive 10 years or more. So, around 124,000,000 people in USA will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and 38,000,000 of them will die within 5 years. These numbers are unprecedented. When did cancer become such a dominant factor in the lives of people?"

Types of Treatments We Support





Exercise, Yoga, Fresh Air, Sunlight, Fasting

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