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EMR Protection for Autistic Children

Microwave Radiation like that which is produced in Cell phones, Baby monitors, WiFI, Bluetooth, Cell Towers, Smart Technologies like the Smart Meter and the Smart TV, are extremely harmful to biological life. The extent to which they are destructive various on a plethora of factors, such as distance, magnitude, number of sources, time in contact and more. The science is undeniable at this point, and yet our governments deny it as the telecommunications Industry lobbies for ever greater invasiveness of this man-made technology. Don't believe us, do the research!

We are providing technologies and education to protect our young people from "overdosing" on this radiation. Especially those children diagnosed with autism and Asperger's. 

Excerpt from Unveiling a Better World: Deconstructing the Veracity of the American Fable:

There is a vast number of concerns that can draw our attention in the way of modern-day disease-causing agents, but none of them top the potential harm that microwave radiation poses. This is largely due to its chronic pervasive presence, its propagandized benignity, and the massive funding of its continued growth. The censorship and denial of whistleblowers, technical experts, and peer reviewed scientific studies is as skillfully done as it is done regarding vaccines, GMOs, and the war on terrorism. 
    Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR, EM, “light”) is a self-sustaining energy with electric and magnetic field components, with EM waves propagating through a vacuum at the speed of light (2.998 x 108 m/s), “waves that are propagated by simultaneous periodic variations of electric and magnetic field intensity”.185 The EM spectrum consists of radio waves, microwaves, and infrared waves as non-ionizing radiation, and ultraviolet waves, x-rays, and gamma rays as ionizing radiation. “A frequency of one Hz means one wave is generated each second, one kHz means 1,000 waves are generated per second, and one GHz corresponds to one billion per second.” Microwave Radiation is a form of electro-magnetic radiation with a wavelength between one millimeter (.1 cm) and one meter (100 cm) and frequency between 300 MHz and 300 GHz. The human heart frequency is 2 Hz.

“Think of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum as a guitar string stretched over eight frets. Play the lowest note and you get radio waves, play the highest one and you get gamma rays. On a guitar, different vibrational patterns in the string will give off distinct sounds in the form of notes — our perception of them varies, but they’re all basically the same thing set on different intensity settings. Similarly, different oscillation patterns of magnetic and electrical fields will generate various kinds of EMR. We perceive them as completely different (some we can’t directly sense at all,) but they’re all basically the same phenomena on different intensities.”
    ― Alexandru Micu

    Ionizing radiation has enough photonic energy to break chemical bonds like covalent bonds, while non-ionizing radiation does not. This means that ionizing radiation slices through genetic material like a hot knife through butter. Industry funded scientists and their biased studies indicate that microwaves are harmless based primarily on this fact. The truth takes more contemplation, consideration and study of the effects of chronic exposure over decades. Whether its 5G, 4G, cellular towers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, radar, Bluetooth, wifi, smart tv’s and smart meters, airport scanners or a thousand other sources, the danger is relatively the same. “(Microwaves) need a direct line of sight to the receiver, as microwaves don’t bend (diffract) around hills or mountains, they don’t reflect back from the ionosphere, or follow the planet’s curvature as surface waves. But they pack more of a punch than radio waves and can pierce through some of the things that radio can’t — like thick clouds or dust — due to their higher frequency.”
    “…electromagnetic radiation stands apart from the rest of EM phenomena in that they are ‘far-field’ effects. These waves aren’t limited to interacting with close-by objects, unlike the electrostatic effect, for example. Once generated, the waves can also hurtle through space (they ‘radiate,’ where the term ‘radiation’ comes from) without any more input from the charges that generated them. So these waves will keep going until they run out of energy — either because they hit some particles they can interact with, or because they simply fizzle out.”
     – Alexandru Micu
    The human body like all biological life is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. A single use of a microwave emitting device like a cell phone, or short-term close proximity to a Wi-Fi router, while having an effect on the body, would not be nearly enough to cause serious illness. The same exposure to gamma or x-rays could cause not only illness but death. The difference between these types of radiation exposure can be expressed through a simple equation, with time, or rate of exposure, and potency of exposure equal to the rate of declining health. This means that although microwaves are far less damaging in the short term, the chronic exposure to a vast array of microwave emissions from cellular towers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, smart meters, etc. affect the body in a similarly destructive way. Rather than breaking covalent bonds, chronic microwave exposure increases colloidal osmotic pressure of the blood plasma causing blood cells to stick together in chains called rouleaux formations. The small capillaries that run through the deep tissues of the body are capable of allowing passage of only a single blood cell, and while cells are in rouleaux formations, the deep tissues are not receiving H2O, oxygen, from the red blood cells and relieving CO2, carbon dioxide, which then builds up and results in a toxic stew in the body. This process and the resultant stagnation in the body is a precursor to cancer and as the CDC has stated, “90% of all illness and disease”. This is one of the effects of microwave radiation exposure and when it is present chronically, the body is far less oxygenated than it needs to be; it acidifies, calcifies, and behaves in the same way as it would under the effects of immunocompromising diseases of diverse types. Over time the body’s defenses are worn down and it is incapable of warding off diseases that would otherwise have not had significant effect if any effect at all. 
    In the presence of these information carrying waves (man-made microwaves), which do not occur and never have occurred in nature, the cells in the body quickly respond by sending a message through microtubules to all the surrounding cells, informing them that they are under attack and telling them to protect themselves. The cells then proceed to close down active transport channels internally, hardening cellular membranes, making it impossible for nutrients to enter into the cell and waste product to exit the cell. The lack of nutrient intake by the cells makes them energy deficient, leading to the inability to communicate through microtubules, which require a significant amount of energy. Rapid intercellular communication is thus shut off, eliminating cellular communication, and making tissues and organs unable to operate efficiently. In the waste product built up within the cells, are free radicals, which migrate to the mitochondria, compromising the respiration of the cell and decreasing overall energy even further. Messenger RNA informs the DNA in the nucleus and the mitochondria in the cell of the hardened cell membrane, resulting in highly reactive unbounded mRNA and DNA in the cell, attracting the free radicals, which disrupt the process of information transfer from mRNA to DNA, resulting in micronuclei. Micronuclei are mRNA and DNA that function efficiently enough to form a membrane around themselves. At this point the free radicals have disrupted the mitochondria to the extent that the mitochondria inform the rest of the cell that it cannot properly function any longer and is going to die. This triggers apoptosis, which is cellular suicide, so as to make room for a new cell. The cell bursts open and releases waste and micronuclei into the interstitial fluid between cells. Normally, globulins would consume these pieces, eliminating them, but because the intercellular communication has been shut down, the micronuclei proliferate within the interstitial fluid, leading to tumors. Symptoms are different depending on the age, environment, and other factors in the life of the individual, resulting in autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or any number of other conditions. The disruption of intercellular communication leads to a host of disease. If the cell undergoes mitosis after the production of the genetic material in response to the perceived attack and the stress response, the daughter cells will carry that damage, and all the following cells. This is the mechanism for autism and so many other diseases as well.190
    Medical doctors are not educated in chronic disease. Within specialized medical education, there is sometimes study within the specific fields being taught about chronic diseases, but even then, the education is limited and reductionist rather than holistic. Very many people are willing to surrender the decision-making about their health to their doctors, just as they surrender to politicians to determine war, and bankers to determine financial worth. The problem with this is that doctors are not universally infallible, omnipotent, or even scientific. They are reflective of their educations, their experiences, and their moral, ethical, and spiritual attitude. Considering that doctors have to compete for position, adhere to hospital mandates, and are often doctors simply because of the social position and financial success that profession offers, it is not far outside the bounds of probability that your doctor has a series of higher guiding principles than optimizing your health. This goes for a very many other professions as well, where education is given through textbook and the lectures of others who themselves have been indoctrinated into a narrative or specific line of thinking about a topic. 
    In the last 40 years, there have been well over 6000 peer reviewed studies that show harm from EMR. More and more countries, especially in Europe, are increasing restrictions on the marketing, use in schools and public places, and distribution of devices that emit EMR. Switzerland and France in particular have restricted use of Wi-Fi and cell phones, especially with children, preferring to use the faster and more secure optic fiber LAN connection. “Cells in the body react to EMFs as potentially harmful, just like to other environmental toxins including heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The DNA in living cells recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure and produces a biochemical stress response.” -Dr. Reba Goodman, PhD, Columbia University. It’s quite interesting to me that the authorities at the World Health Organization choose to surround themselves with LAN fiber optic connections while supporting the 5G revolution everywhere else. 
    So, imagine you are sitting, streaming videos for 15 or so minutes with your laptop on your lap. Sure, it’s only 15 minutes. There can’t possibly be harm in that… Well, it turns out that even just being near to the Wi-Fi connected laptop is harmful. Having it on your lap is more like microwaving your testicles in a microwave oven. By the way, your microwave oven isn’t so great either. In actuality, you are denaturing your food, and altering the molecular makeup of the thing you are ingesting. In essence, when you have completed your microwaving, you are not eating food at all anymore, but something that looks like food. On the molecular and cellular level, you are eating a waste product. Back to the testicles. In the last 20 years, testicular cancer has increased by 50% -Safe Wireless Initiative. What else has happened in the last 20 years? Cell phones in pockets and laptops with Wi-Fi perhaps? Sperm count decreases and the motility of sperm also decreases as mutations in mitochondria are prevalent in men who wear cell phones on a belt, in a pocket, or anywhere near the groin.

"A new report reveals that sperm counts among men in Western countries, including men in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, have dropped substantially over the years. According to study authors, in less than 40 years, collective sperm count among this group of men has declined more than 50%.” 
    – Alexandra Sifferlin, TIME
    Power density of the microwave radiation allowed in the US, also called the SAR rating, is 10,000,000 μW/m2. This is an extremely high specific absorption rate, highest in the world actually, on par with only one other nation, India. There is no regulating body for telecom industry, and they are the largest lobbying entity on the planet. Politicians are in the pocket of telecom just as much as big pharma and the military-industrial complex. 
    The push for 5G is spreading far and wide, despite the voices of opposition, the peer reviewed studies, the logic of the simple observer. 5G is often described as being in the millimeter waveband but is actually simply the most extreme end of the microwave band. 5G operates between 1mm and 10mm. 5G does not have the range of 4G because the power density is far higher, meaning the wavelengths are much closer, meaning penetration of objects like tissue and bone is far greater. The chronic exposure to greater power density of the same man-made information carrying waves is only going to speed up the diseases we are already seeing multiplying in our population. Of course, the diseases we are seeing are not solely the result of microwave radiation, but are rather the combination of exposure to toxic substances from chemicals sprayed on lawns to prevent weeds, GMO’s that are composed of a small fraction of the nutrition available in the real, organic food, heavy metals, like barium, sprayed from planes to manipulate weather and mercury in flu vaccines, and a million other examples of the environmental disease causing agents that have been part of our lives for generations. We are only getting worse. The disease will only increase on this path we are walking, and no one has the ability to avoid exposure. Those who choose to generate these poisons and those who allow them to do so, are making it impossible to avoid exposure, even in the most remote parts of the globe. There is no escape except in changing the planetary course… and of course, that starts with me and you! 
    What else? In the corporation that is the United States of America there are around 320,000,000 people. National Cancer Institute statistical reports of 2015 say that the probability of dying from cancer in USA is 20.7% and probability of developing cancer is 39.7%. Around 2/3 of people who have cancer survive 5 years. There are no NCI stats for those who survive 10 years or more. So, around 124,000,000 people in USA will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and 38,000,000 of them will die within 5 years. These numbers are unprecedented. When did cancer become such a dominant factor in the lives of people? The past 30 years, while we’ve been increasing our non-ionizing radiation technology. And now, we are marketing and designing them for infants. Cribs and playpens with tablets… This is torture and this is genocide. 
    If I have your attention, let me just say… research this on your own. Be unbiased and look at the research and who’s funding it. Is it the telecommunications Industry, largest lobbying group in the world, or the privately funded study of notable scholars and scientists, conducted openly and peer reviewed? Follow the money. Who owns the agency drafting the articles you are reading? See the larger picture. If you don’t want to do the research for yourself, just don’t believe anything. Make experience your guide. Try leaving your technology for a week and see how you feel. Get a necklace of Raw Elite Shungite from Russia and wear it. More than anything else. Limit in any way use of wireless technology. Bring back LAN fiber optic connections, which are faster and more reliable anyway.

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